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  • 6 Reasons To Visit A Home Improvement Showroom

    11/Mar/2020 12:39:07

    The old adage says it serves to try before you buy. Admittedly, that’s difficult when it comes to home improvements.

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  • How Bi Fold Doors Will Transform Your Living Space

    17/Feb/2020 09:46:05

    Bi-folding doors are becoming a more and more popular addition to many home improvement projects, and with such a lengthy list of benefits it’s easy to see why. We believe that bi-fold doors will transform your property and create a space for you and your family to enjoy all year round. 

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  • How to Choose a Front Door Colour

    24/Jan/2020 09:36:11

    Your front door is and always will the focal point of your home. This is true of small terraced houses and large mansions alike. Doors therefore command attention and afford homeowners the opportunity to make the biggest of statements.

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  • How Evolution Windows Will Transform Your Home

    09/Jan/2020 08:18:33

    Here at Rococo we believe that windows capture the true character of your home. This is why, when undergoing home improvements, it is important to consider what type of windows your property will benefit from, both in style and performance.

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  • Sliding Doors vs Bifolding Doors

    09/Jan/2020 08:15:04

    When undergoing home improvements one of the big decisions many people face is choosing between sliding doors or bifolding doors. 

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  • Orangery Vs Kitchen Extension

    06/Apr/2018 15:19:26

    At Rococo, when it comes to extensions, we have two distinct offerings: Our completely bespoke orangeries, and our visually impressive kitchen extensions. 

    But which is best for you?

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  • What Makes A Bespoke Orangery?

    13/Mar/2018 14:42:59

    Choosing an Orangery as a way of extending your home, over an extension or conservatory, suggests you are chasing the wow factor.

    Orangeries, by their very nature, are exotic rooms which connect your house with your garden meaning you can enjoy your garden all year round. 

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