6 Reasons To Visit A Home Improvement Showroom

The old adage says it serves to try before you buy. Admittedly, that’s difficult when it comes to home improvements.

Few of us can pay for a conservatory only to have it torn down if it’s not exactly as we hoped. You can however minimise the risk and take stock of all options by arranging a showroom visit.

Anyone considering transforming their property – whether that courtesy of a new door, window, orangery or the like – should book that very trip.

The internet has led to a rise in e-commerce and with it a slow death of the high street, but this in one purchase you can’t make online.

So what do you stand to gain by paying Rococo – or indeed one of our competitors – a visit?

1. Professional Advice

Firstly - and most importantly - you’ll get the opportunity to speak with an expert. We all have different tastes but before parting with a sizable chunk of cash you’ll want to know far more than basic colour options.

Aesthetics are top level; a showroom visit allows you to delve deeper.

Specifications are every bit as significant and it’s here you’ll get a full rundown on everything from sizing to locking systems.

Our professionals will talk you through the pros and cons of whatever it is your looking to install and point you in the direction of the most suitable option based on your particular needs.

It’s here you’ll find a consultative approach much welcome. Rather than simply pitching a product, whether it or not it’s a good fit, trusted experts discuss options with you in a bid to arrive at the right solution together.

Rococo Showroom | Rococo

2. Questions

We’ll also be able to answer any questions you may have, including those surrounding planning permissions. With 20 years’ experience, there’s little we don’t know on the subject.

Better still we can sit down with you and lay-out the process step-by-step, from design right through to installation and after care.

Indeed home improvements are about more than simply picking out a product. It’s often an involved process and Rococo are well versed in integrating and supporting projects.

We are mindful this is a new process for a number of visitors so we take extra care to fully explain programming, surveys, finishes, guarantees and more.

We also handpick every item we install based on our knowledge and experience of the products and their respective manufacturers. In doing so we spare our customers a great deal of unnecessary stress.

While much of this information is available online, nothing quite beats sitting down with a professional and hearing it in person. You’ll also build a relationship that could span the duration of the project and beyond, such is the level of customer service we impart.

3. Inspect

The best showrooms are packed full of products for visitors to observe. Again, many of these can be viewed on a website or in a company brochure but sometimes photos just don’t tell the whole story.

A new door could be in situ for 20 years or more, so you’ll want to be certain it meets your expectations.

The best way to guarantee as much is by viewing it yourself. Remember photography tends to be framed and lit in such a way as to enhance the centrepiece. The reality may be quite different. Why take the chance?

Similarly this is the only way you can get a literal feel for what you’re considering. You can inspect the materials in question, along with accessories and handling options. You’ll know better than to install a window you have trouble opening…

The showroom provides a rare opportunity to compare and contrast in person, which is always the best way. Moreover you could find inspiration as you browse. Something might just catch your eye and stand-out above all other options, simplifying your decision.

This is never more likely than at Rococo where our range is so vast. Indeed we have near-enough the entire market available to choose from so you won’t be short on choice!

Showroom Visits | Rococo

4. Samples

Sometimes a single visit to a showroom isn’t enough. You may gravitate towards a certain product during the course of a walk-through but doubt its suitability for your home. Take a front door for instance. You might be drawn to a particular colour on the day but want longer to think about it. In the meantime you can take a sample strip and literally attach it to your current entrance.

This will allow you to observe how it looks at different points in the day (and night). The way the sun hits it may sway your decision one way or the other. You can then arrange a return visit and give it a final look over. It’s always best to be sure.

5. Displays

The best showrooms seek to display products in context. Granted, it’s difficult to replicate your exact structure and brickwork but viewing windows and doors in what are known as ‘real environment displays’ is beneficial.

Catalogue imagery tends to utilise white backdrops to isolate the product and highlight its key features. Ultimately however it will be framed by other elements, some of which can have a real bearing on its final appearance.

Showrooms allow you to gauge that up close and personal.

Our Showroom | Rococo

6. Literature

Finally few leave a showroom empty handed. That’s not to say you’ll purchase an orangery there and then but at the very least you’ll depart with a brochure and paperwork specific to your exact requirements.

In-house experts will of course answer any questions you have on the day but many of us like to consider our options and mull things over. We’ll provide you with literature that helps you arrive at a decision either way.

Home improvements are too big a commitment to leave to chance. You can’t return a conservatory. For that reason visiting showrooms will always be important. This is the only way to consider all options and arrive at the right choice for you and your property.

To arrange a visit to the Rococo showroom in Romsey click here.