Advantages of Having An Orangery In The Summer

If you’re thinking of improving your home with an orangery, now is definitely the time to do so. As summer starts and temperatures rise, what better way to spend time with your family and friends than in a luxurious sun lounge, that interacts both your garden and your inside living spaces at the same time.

Not only do conservatories look elegant, innovative and down-right stylish, but they also have plenty of practical features that can potentially save you money, as well as making certain living predicaments easier to maintain. Here at Rococo, we offer a wide range of high quality and bespoke conservatory designs, each of which are crafted with stunning materials. We’d love to share these life enhancing features with you, so here are our top reasons why you should invest in a conservatory this summer.


  • An orangery will immediately give you more living space. Your downstairs living areas will completely open up, and with the natural light seeping in through multiple windows, rooms will appear larger than they are.
  • Through double or triple glazed glass, the economical values of an orangery can be hugely beneficial. Saving you heating and electric bills throughout the year, the building’s structure is made to absorb and seal in heat, however with access to many windows and a door, it doesn’t take long to cool your house down either.
  • You can get amazing ambient light quality in a orangery, and with a large percentage of glass at your disposal, you can personalise your use of sunlight, even more so if you install some flexible blinds.
  • An orangery provides a smoother transition from your living or dining room into the garden. It brings the garden into the house, especially when it is complemented with a patio area or matching furniture.
  • Not only do they add amazing depth to your living space when there’s glorious sunshine in the sky, they can also be very cosy and relaxing - especially on a wet and windy day.
  • Orangeries make amazing dining rooms, with lots of light, great views and a wonderful ambience in the evening – it’s a wonderful place to entertain family and friends.

If you’re interested in adding a conservatory to your home, take a look at our product range Orangeries or give us a call on 01794 511180.