Aluminium lantern roof

Aluminium Lantern Roof

Rococo are proud to announce our new slim line aluminium lantern roof is now on display in our showroom, Romsey, Hampshire.

This roof is vastly superior to many others on the market and is definitely the best we have worked with to date.

Exterior view of lantern roof


Look at the images below to see some of the differences between a UPVC lantern and our new aluminium lantern roof product.




upvc lantern


Slim lines

As you can see the aluminium roof is vastly superior in looks and has a lot less profile which allows for more light to flood into your room. 

This product has 30% less profile than many of its competitors on the rafters, 70% less profile on the main ridge and also no need for any bulky head covers.

Improved thermal performance

In addition to the above the thermal performance is also vastly superior. 

Our product has a u value of 1.5, which is much better than its nearest competitor.  This means the roof system is the best on the market in terms of thermal performance and will therefore deliver a comfortable living environment all year round. The main reason for this increased performance is the fact that the roof is thermally broken meaning that it has a thermal core between the aluminium which stops the heat passing through the aluminium framework both from the inside out and the outside in. 

This differs from the uPVC roof as the only thermal break is upvc cladding on the outside and inside.  This is the only layer of protection from the cold which means that the cold/heat will pass through this and through all the framework much easier and thus the reason why it cannot achieve the high thermal performance of our aluminium roof.

Service and guarantee

In addition, to a fantastic product, our customers will also get added value from Rococo through our excellent service and experience. Our reputation counts for everything and is second to none, we work on many properties in and around the Hampshire region and have done for nearly 20 years.

Our experience and knowledge of working with specialist products on a regular basics, means as a business Rococo, understands all the idiosyncrasy that these products have. We are therefore able to make them work for you on your unique product, ensuring the survey, ordering, manufacturing and installation processes, all run like clockwork to give you to quality and final product you and your family deserve.

See details of our guarantee and support services

Come to the showroom to talk about your project with one of the Rococo team, have a look at some of the lantern in our show room or just give us a call to pick our brains, we would be happy to help.