Bespoke Aluminium Bi Folding Doors, Hampshire

Quality Bi Folding Doors - 20 Year Guarantee

When you compare aluminium bi folding door products to products such as upvc bi fold doors and timber bi- folding doors, you will find that aluminium is much more resistant to heat. This means it is far less likely to expand or contract, change shape or change colour. When you require your doors to move, fold, stack and open seamlessly over a long period of time , this places aluminium bi folding doors firmly in the lead.

We are so confident in the quality of our bi folding doors, our manufacturer offers a 20 year guarantee! 

Where Can Bi Folding Doors Be Used?

Such is their flexibility and versatility, aluminium bi fold doors can be use in a wide variety of ways. You can use them to replace existing French doors, or sliding patio doors to offer a fresh new look to a room. You can remove a window, install a new steel or lintel and knock out or extent the opening aperture on a house to the size you want and completely transform the space, your access to your garden and the way you use your home.

One option is to use them internally, where they can be used with a flush fitting track to separate one room from the other. This can commonly be found between a lounge and a conservatory, orangery or lounge extension.

Planning a New Project - Orangery, Conservatory, Garden Room

If you are planning a new project such as a orangery, conservatory or garden room, you can include quality bi folding doors into the build plans. If you are planning an extension, you can use the doors as the focal point of the build to provide the wow factor, and even use a canter levered roof system and a floating corner post in order to completely open up two sides of your development.

With the variety of bi folding door design options available, you can have them opening inwards or outwards or have them sliding to the left or to the right. Each quality door set can be configured to fit the vast majority of locations and with a 20 year guarantee our Aluminium bi fold doors look great once they are installed and will continue to look great and work for many years to come! To get a better understanding of bi fold door options, include premium options from Origin, visit our showroom.

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