Bi Folding Doors: Make The Right Choices

Bi Fold Doors - Tips (choosing the best configuration, colours, finish, budget and installation)

  • Bi folding door configuration

When choosing your doors, one of the key factors will be how you are going to use them and the part they are going to play in the kitchen extension, lounge extension or garden room you are producing.

This will determine the sizes of the doors, the direction they slide and the location of a prime or traffic door.

Think about the location of the door, where the doors will fit when they are open and the impact that will have on the surrounding space. Ideally you do not want these to block other doors or pathways.

  • You don’t have to have them in white

Many of my customer suggest that they would like their doors to be white so that it matches their current window, however, we at Rococo often feel that as bi-folding doors are usually going to be the feature piece of any project, you can make them just that. So you don’t have to match them to your windows.

A very popular option is to go for a grey colour. Some of the greys such as slate grey or anthracite grey work extremely well and compliment many types of brick work and finishes whilst providing a modern and contemporary feel.

We also find that with a grey finish, the door panels will blend away into the background when you look through the doors, giving you a great sense of connectivity to your garden.

In our showroom we have a full range of the greys on show and not a white panel in site.

  • Marine Grade Finish 

If you are by the sea, as a lot of us are, then you need a set of doors which are going to last the course. Your doors need to be able to stand up to the sea air which can travel up to 5 kilometres inland.  

The marine grade finish ensures that your doors are protected and your guarantees and warrantees will be valid. In our case, our manufacture offers a 20 year guarantee.

  • Budget 

Often the bi fold doors are a key feature of a project and one of the larger single purchase cost items, so make sure you find the door set and type you want early on in your planning process. 

Don’t be caught out by cheap offers and think that these will provide you with the wow factor you are looking for as they will often leave you disappointed. With bi fold doors you definitely get what you pay for.

  • Installation 

The most vital part of the installation for many of our clients is installing a virtual flush finish at track level. To achieve this your builder needs to be millimeter perfect when forming a new aperture. 

You also will have a role to play as decisions such as the type of finish floor, under floor heating, screed levels should all me made and an understanding of the depth of each product obtained.

To help we have formulated guides for your builders, schematics of the track details and a process which delivers the finish you require.

Contact Rococo (Romsey Conservatory Company) early on in your planning stage and we'll liaise with your architects or builders to ensure a perfect intallation. View Origin bi fold doors in person by visiting our dedicated showroom.