Buying Bi Folding Doors: Top Tips

Buyers Guide for installing a Bi-Fold Door

Make sure you buy quality bi folding doors and get the style, quality and installation you want!

Are you planning a new extension or re developing your home? Have you typed “Bi Folding Doors” into google and come across a whole host of options, with everyone telling you they have the best system for you?

All of this information is great, images get your imagination racing and instant quote opportunities give you a very basic guide to pricing but apart from this, there really isn’t too much more information available and such is the individuality of the projects we get involved in, I wouldn’t even be to confident that the instant quote would stay the same either !

When I meet our customers for the first time, they have often been overwhelmed with information to the point they are not too sure what they want, what’s good, what’s not, what they should be looking out for and what they should be staying clear of. I fully understand that all this can make what should be an enjoyable part of your re development journey, quite stressful, as you desperately try to make the right choice for you and your family. 
So , how do we help our customers cut to the chase and provide them with the service and products they want ?

Firstly, many of our customers come to us because they can actually see the bi folding doors in our showroom in Romsey, Hampshire. With two sets of bi folding doors on display, our customers can sit down with one of our designers and talk through the options they have, to get an honest and upfront appraisal of the industry and learn what we feel constitutes a good bi fold door and what doesn’t.

Now like anything, there is quite a large a range of products at greatly different price points. So how do you know what’s right for you. 

If you're reading this blog , you’ve probably already decided that you want a set , but a bi-fold door has a multitude of possibilities; the benefits are great as they make for a lighter more convivial environment in which to live, breaking down the barriers between inside and out and flooding the room in sunlight but it’s the devil in the detail which enhances these benefits and I wouldn’t want your dreams trashed through a bad buy or a rubbish installation.

Therefore, below is my 2015 top 5 tips for Bi Fold Door Purchase 

1.    Aluminium Bi folding doors 

This is your only real option if you want a door set which is durable and you will be able to enjoy  ( maintenance  free ) for a good number of years. Our's have up to a 20 year manufactures guarantee !

2.    Manufacture guarantee 

Our recommendation would be to go for a company which offer manufactures guarantees. With a manufacture guarantee you know your product will be looked after, giving you piece of mind !

3    Multiple site visits 

Use A LOCAL company, Experienced Surveyor and Installation team ­ Bi folds are a specialised product and with site locations differing hugely from job to job, you really need to have confidence that you chose a company that will be able to give you the time, site visits and attention you , your builders and your doors require, to make sure your bifolds are installed correctly and to the level of finish you require. One survey visit is rarely enough if you want to get it right ! 

4.    Don’t get caught short on the budget!

Bi folding doors are a key feature of a project and one of the larger single purchase cost items, so make sure you find the door set and type you want early on in your planning process. 
Don’t be caught out by cheap offers and think that these will provide you with the wow factor you are looking for as they will often leave you disappointed. With bi folds you definitely get what you pay for.

5.    Confirm your doors early on in your project ! 

Many customers leave buying their doors to the last minute , some for cash flow reasons , some because of organisation challenges , some because their list of “to do’s” is massive and never ending. One thing I see on a regular basis is that if we can get involved early in build project then we can start to work with the builders, developers in what our doors need. Where are they going to sit on the cavity ?, How do we line the threshold up ? etc. By getting in early , we can save the builder time and effort re-doing his work and tends to make everyone happy !! 

At Rococo , we feel that by following these steps will give you not only the product you want , but the service and final finish you and your family want. You will have a set of doors to be proud of , to show off to family and friends and keep you warm , safe and secure. 

Come to the showroom to assess Origin bi fold doors up close and discuss your project with one of the Rococo team. We'll share detailed case studies should you drop in or happy speak over the phone if you'd prefer a callback. Pick our brains, we're  happy to help, advise and support you.

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