Choosing Skylights and Roof Lanterns For Your Home

Roof lanterns and skylights are one of the best ways to open up your home to more potential light, making rooms appear brighter, more spacious and welcoming. Here at Rococo, we offer an extensive, stylish range of products that can transform your ceilings and completely revamp your home. They make a beautiful centre piece in any room and each design is completely different - that’s where you come in. We like you to have as much input as possible when considering such a game-changing product, so here are our tips and pointers on how to choose the right product for you.

Exterior view of a modern Orangery with lantern roof

Skylight and roof lanterns are ideal for loft conversions, rooms with flat roofs and also for lighting up those darker areas where conventional vertical windows may not easily be installed, such as hallways and stairways. With so many different living situations, there are also many different solutions, designs and materials to allow the feature to suit your exact needs.

Considering a design

When it comes to choosing your design, you can opt for fixed lights, opening or ‘vented’ roof windows to allow ventilation and a flow of fresh air through your home. Flat areas of roof, such as extensions and sunrooms, can be the perfect place for introducing roof lanterns.  With their raised pyramid shape, they are structurally designed to bring natural light flooding into your home in a dramatic and visually appealing way.

Exterior view of lantern roof

Whatever your choice, skylights, roof windows and lanterns can make a stunning design feature to set off your home.


Your roof windows and skylights should always complement the style of your property. Aluminium frames have a particularly contemporary slim-lined appeal, which can suit both modern and traditional homes. The timber effect on frames can match older properties, whilst still having modern practicalities and more contemporary materials.


Energy efficient glazing will not only keep you warm in the winter; it will also keep you cooler in the summer. Both double glazed and triple glazed windows have outstanding energy efficiency benefits, are extremely strong and they’re easy to maintain.
If you’d like to add a skylight, roof lantern or new window to your home, take a look at our gallery and explore through our products. We can even give you exclusivity of our lovely showroom for a more in-depth one on one discussion with a team member!

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