Conservatory and Orangery Summer Security Tips

According to the Met Police, residential burglaries have increased by 2% since June 2016. It’s absolutely crucial that we take as many precautions as possible to secure our homes during the rest of the summer period. Those of you with conservatories and orangeries will know that both your rooms and your belongings can be exposed through the glass. We’re all also guilty of leaving backdoors open and rooms unattended throughout the day. With years of experience in innovating secure windows, doors and home improvements, here at Rococo, we are able to ensure your home is as secure as possible this summer, through our top security measures and observations.

Security Systems – On top of the usual security lights and sensors, make sure you have lightening protectors to ensure alarms work even if electricity is down. Dummy sounders can be used to confuse burglars, whilst extra internal sirens can be added to doorways and windows to scare off intruders.

Pets – Some people avoid using alarms because their pets can make a habit of setting them off, however this no longer has to be a problem. Passive infrared sensors have now been designed to switch off in the zones where your pet may be active, meaning you can keep alarms on the accessible areas of your property at all time.

Locks – This may seem like an obvious solution, but if your locks are insufficient, your insurance claim can be affected. Conservatories and Orangeries are often built with locking systems that exceed British Security standards, and with new triple glazed glass panes, your extension will be hard to break in to.

Hide belongings – Utilising blinds and shutters can help hide your valuables when you aren’t at the property. Blackout materials ensure no visibility through the glass, giving burglars a hard time seeing into your home.

Make the house look occupied – leaving lights on, or having the television on a timer is an easy investment to ensure your home doesn’t look empty.

Post – Ask a trusted neighbour to move your post to avoid a big pile up. A large stack of letters is a clear indication that you are not home, so keep on top of it.

Here at Rococo, we offer different security measures to all of our products, ensuring that you feel comfortable in your own home. We guarantee you’ll have a better frame of mind if you adhere to these simple guidelines, leaving you to enjoy the rest of the summer. For more info, please call 01794 511180.


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