Enjoying Your Orangery Come Rain, Snow or Shine

With the season of spring waiting just around the corner, it’s time to adjust your orangery to suit this beautiful part of the year. It’s also a time to reflect on utilising your orangery to adapt to the winter, whether it’s been snowing heavily all day, or you’ve woken up to a frosty day full of beaming sunlight, your orangery will always benefit you. We wanted to take the time to explore the advantages of installing one of these beautiful features, particularly highlighting that their features can flourish 365 days of the year – come rain, snow or shine…

Over the last few months, there is no doubt that we’ve all been turning our heating up to keep the cold temperatures out. However, as orangeries are designed and fitted with the latest glass technology, you can revolve your heating routines around both double and triple glazed windows. They are designed to resist harsh weather, as well as to protect and conserve the temperature in your living spaces. In the long run this can reduce energy bills and keep your home warmer for longer.

Orangeries were initially devised around four hundred years ago to protect fruits against the cold winter. They are designed to keep yourself and your loved ones warm, however, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t just as practical in the spring and summer months. Not only are orangeries custom made to suit home aesthetics and specific environmental situations, their features are also built in a way that ensures they are practical all day long.

Visually, spring can be one of the most beautiful times of year. An orangery offers views that can bring out the best in your garden. You’ll be able to feature the outside world in your own home and connect the two by your choice of decoration and style. Other additions such as blinds can be added to give you extra control over the sunlight that will inevitably flood your home with natural lighting. Depending on the materials you’ve chosen for your orangery, it will look very much at home within your outside space, whilst also matching the style of your existing property.

Depending on your preference, you may want to fit your orangery with a roof lantern. This gives you even more of an opportunity to make the most of the beautiful weather in both the spring and summer.

No matter what the time of year is, orangeries are certainly the gift that keep on giving. Their practicalities and appearance can completely transform your home day after day. For information on our orangeries, please click HERE


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