Designing Luxury For Your Home

Whether you want to radically change your home with an orangery or garden room extension, or want a more subtle modification like updating your front door, it’s not always easy to visualise how the end result will look. Even after numerous discussions and attempts at imagining it, you can’t be sure that your ideas and concepts will translate into the finished product.

Well our in-house design team here at ROCOCO are on hand to make sure that they do. They’ll talk through your ideas and by using computer generated simulations and Photoshop are able to help you visualise the changes you wish to make and give you confidence that you’re making the right choices throughout the process.  

Below is a typical example of how we use Photoshop to help our customers visualise the changes they want to make. This particular customer wanted to replace their existing windows with a Storm Evolution timber alternative product that was low maintenance, had high security and good thermal performance, but were unsure which style to choose. By showing them exactly what each one would look like installed in their own home their decision was made a lot easier and their minds put at rest.




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