Getting Your Conservatory Ready For Christmas

Whether you like it or not, Christmas is fast approaching. It’s time to start planning for the festive season and getting a head-start is going to make your life a lot easier when it comes to the big day. Christmas is a time to connect with family and friends and preparing your living spaces for the inevitable social gatherings is an absolute must. We’ve put together a few pointers on how to make the most of your conservatory this Christmas, and how to take advantage of the luxurious space you have to offer…


Make it cosy – A conservatory already has a huge advantage over most rooms in the winter as the glass gives you a full view of the inviting and festive frosty garden. What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon at Christmas than to wrap up in blankets with a hot chocolate and take in the beautiful scenery your garden has to offer? Give your guests a sense of warmth by accentuating seating areas – add plenty of pillows and throws, you could even place foot stools and poufs down to allow extra methods of comfort. Rustic furniture such as oak tables and thick rugs work well with the classic Christmas colour scheme, and don’t forget to add Christmas plants such as Poinsettia, as well as holly and wreaths to recreate the garden aesthetics of a conservatory, whilst still maintaining that festive cheer.

Make use of extra space – Some people feel that a conservatory is more usable during the summer months, however by controlling the temperatures, you can create a very warm and welcoming place – it’s all about using the space to its full potential. With extra people in the house, it can be a useful overspill area to entertain guests. Preheat the room and keep the blinds shut whilst your guests aren’t present – this will allow you to maintain a warm, cosy temperature throughout the time your friends and family are over.

Decorate in style – This is a perfect place to link the beautiful outdoor winter scenery with your indoor living space, so make the most of it! Make use of Christmas colours – rich reds and greens stand out from the white snow and with a height of a conservatory, there’s plenty of room for a Christmas tree centrepiece. Use the height of the roof to hang decorations such as stars and snowflakes, whilst adding fake snow to draw the garden in even more. Tea lights and floor lamps will add even more magic to the atmosphere, as will adding a pot of mulled wine, which will provide a lovely, familiar smell to the room.


Remember, a conservatory doesn’t just have to be a room to use in the summer, with the right decoration and care, it can become one of the most festive entertaining areas in your home! Start planning now to take some of the stress from the big day…


With open bi-folding doors the landscaped garden is merged into the room giving an uninterrupted view