Give Your Home A New Lease of Life With New Windows

Installing replacement windows can be a big deal for homeowners, people often do it to repair damage, save money by reducing energy consumption or to enhance the beauty of their home. At Rococo, we offer a range of windows that capture several different advantages of having these new features. Our product range can capture the true aesthetic of your home, with bespoke, custom designs that are tailored to suit every client. Now the summer months are well and truly upon us, perhaps now is the time to have a clearer view of you garden – take a look at the types of windows we have to offer below:

Timber Alternative Window

Our Timber Alternative Windows are provided by Evolution Windows, we’ve been working alongside them for the last 5+ years and we couldn’t be prouder of our strong working relationship. Their niche market solution offers natural and elegant frames, sculptured and structured joints, as well as a warming and extensive colour pallet.


Timber alternative windows used in an old converted grain store

Sash Windows

Sash Windows immediately capture the character and elegance of your property. They are one of the most desirable windows on the market with, as their traditional features make them one of the most attractive windows out there. It’s not just their rustic charm and authenticity that captures the eye – Here at Rococo, we’re backed up with a wide range of colours, foils, arches, paint finishes and over 25 years’ worth of design experience. Get in touch today to start the design and development of your dream windows!

Vintage Collection Sash Windows with centre bar


UPVC Windows

If efficiency and performance is what you’re looking for, then this is the window for you. Not only do our 60mm UPVC window and door systems suit properties aesthetically, their practical features can help protect your family against the rise of energy costs, as well as help cut those monthly bills.


upvc windows

Aluminium Windows

Both durable and desirable, our aluminium windows are one of the most innovative products we have to offer. Their slimmer frames enable you to get a full view of any outside space, and you can choose from our wide range of finishes and cultures to create the style that you desire. Contemporary, glamorous and stylish – these windows can quickly turn into the centrepiece of any home.

Aluminium windows  on timber clad building



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