How A Kitchen Extension Can Add Value To Your Home

Few home improvement projects are as striking or impactful as a kitchen extension.

Not only do renovations of this kind transform the look and feel of a property, but its monetary value also. Significantly so.

It’s little wonder then that such developments have grown in both popularity and regularity over the course of the last decade.

So, what is the secret to a great kitchen extension and how can you ensure yours adds more than a few pound signs to the overall market value of the home?


When done right, this most beautiful of bolt-on’s provides a new focal point for your day-today activities.

What was once a cramped and awkward space can be opened up into a new, inviting one.

In keeping with modern living, a newly realised kitchen extension makes for a great place to cook and dine in the first instance but relax and socialise thereafter. With remote working on the rise, some even choose to undertake their 9-5 in this very spot.

To reach that point however you must first go on a journey and weigh-up design options, of which there are many.

Firstly, there is no rule that says a kitchen extension has to be sprung at the rear of the property. Indeed, it can just as easily be introduced to one side, a great solution for terraced houses in particular.

It can also take many forms.

Some plump for an adjoining room, others an actual conservatory. Naturally, this leads to varying construction. Whether you veer towards an L-shaped, small or side-return will likely rest on the structure of the property itself.

During the design process you’ll settle on key features like this, along with products including architectural windows, bi-folding doors, aluminium glazed roofs and more, all of which culminate to make a stunning centrepiece.


Full Service Solution

It serves to lean on expertise at this point, with the likes of Rococo on-hand to talk you through any and all options. Ours is a full-service solution that starts from the ground up. Design and installation will ultimately stem from an initial consultation and subsequent drawings.

It’s at this juncture where you’ll rule elements in and out alike.  

Sliding doors may be the answer for those keen to achieve unobstructed views teeming with natural light. Bi-folds may prove a better alternative for those hoping to open up into the garden and embrace a bigger outside space. We’re here to talk you through the benefits as we see them, helping you arrive at a final decision.

While some look to go it alone, teaming up with a home improvement partner will ensure everything is considered, right down to how structural elements such as steal beams can be embraced and actually enhance the design. Planning permission – an occasional minefield – will also be outlined in detail… a big weight off your mind.

While it’s only natural to follow your creative instincts, those looking to add value to their home - with a view to one day selling it - should be mindful of other tastes. Considering the following will help further boost market value.

Adding Value 

It goes without saying that increasing space in real terms will heighten the appeal of a property in the eyes of potential suitors. In heavily built-up areas such as London, space is hard to come by and much appreciated. That said, size is not everything, at least not if it comes at the expense of the remainder of the property.  

A great big kitchen extension could be at odds with all other rooms in the house and create a horrible imbalance. There is every chance your new build could appear inadvertently soulless.  

Similarly, you should be careful of eating into a garden and impinging on what is another key feature in its own right. To increase value is to increase space, but within reason. 

Architecture is equally important. A modern kitchen extension may appeal but if the home itself is traditional in its make-up this could create a clash in styles. You should always look to blend home improvements with existing design if you are hoping to increase its long-term appeal and value alike.


If you intend for your kitchen extension to be open plan and joined-up with a garden, blending the two will help to increase worth. Uniformity can be achieved by having the same porcelain tiles inside and out, providing the illusion of one big room. Similarly, outside furniture can be colour matched with any cupboards or brickwork within the extension itself – creating beautiful uniformity

As for the contents themselves, these will have a direct impact on market value. Space and design permitting, you could incorporate the likes of a breakfast bar, walk-in larder, storeroom and an American styled fridge-freezer. These are all features sure to appeal to those on the lookout for a new property. A kitchen extension also affords many additional dining space and further seating – both of which will have a direct impact on value. 

It also serves to know the property and for whom it’s suitable as this should inform design. Families tend to appreciate open view plans so they can keep a close eye on young children playing in the garden. Some kitchen extensions allow for that, others don’t.  
If yours is a three-bedroom property with a garden, the likelihood is a family will be on the lookout for something similar. Bear this in mind if you happen to be a single occupant in a big house….  

The exact amount a kitchen extension will add onto the value of your property is impossible to know upfront. Research tells us newly designed kitchens increase value by 4%, while single storey extensions typically account for at least £30,000 extra.  

Partner with a company like Rococo, and heed some of the tips highlighted in this blog, and you’ll reap the rewards… whether or not you choose to sell. 

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