How Bi Fold Doors Will Transform Your Living Space

Bi-folding doors are becoming a more and more popular addition to many home improvement projects, and with such a lengthy list of benefits it’s easy to see why. We believe that bi-fold doors will transform your property and create a space for you and your family to enjoy all year round. Below is a list of what we feel are the most prominent benefits of adding bi-folds to your home.

5 part bi folding door set in RAL 7021 Colour has been installed into this property with fitted blinds

More Natural Light

One of the most obvious benefits of the bi-fold door is the amount of natural light it offers. Not only does natural light make your space seem larger than it is, it is also proven to have a positive effect on your mood and wellbeing. With wide apertures and slimline frames, bi-fold doors also give you more of a view of your outside surroundings and increase your connection to your garden. This is a massive bonus for most homes, especially in the summer as the flow from the outside space to the inside space is drastically reduced, creating an overall area that merges into one, almost acting as an extension of the property.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Many people choose to replace entire walls with panels of bi-folding doors, creating an open, airy space that becomes the focal point of the home. Modern home projects tend to opt for aluminium bi-fold doors which create an overall contemporary feel, whereas more traditional properties are more likely to be complemented by timber framed bi-folds. Both options have their uses: aluminium frames are strong but lightweight meaning they are versatile in terms of how you can install them, and they take up little space. Timber bi-folds may be more aesthetically pleasing on traditional properties, but it is worth noting that the timber will need regular painting or varnishing to keep their appearance.

Bi folding doors with matching angled window in Old Farmhouse

 Ideal in All Weather

Here in Britain, it can be tricky to feel as though you are making the most of your outside space in the winter months. With bi-fold doors you get the feeling of being surrounded by nature without having to brave the elements! You can watch the rain fall and the wind blow from the comfort of your own kitchen, or living space, giving you the sense of freedom and space without compromising on your comfort. When the warmer weather does finally come, this is when your bi-fold doors really come into their own. Opening up your doors fully lets the warm summer breeze into the home, and is perfect for when you want to entertain guests in both the indoor and outdoor areas.

Thermal Performance

One concern that many people have when regarding bi-fold doors is their thermal performance due to the sheer amount of exposed glass. However, bi-fold doors now have excellent U-Values (the lower the better, U-Value measures how effective a material insulates a building) and thermal break (barriers built into aluminium to stop them conducting heat in the summer and drawing heat from the home in the winter). If fitted correctly, bi-fold doors will not introduce any draughts into the home, and different levels of thermal glass can be fitted to protect your home from the cold.

4 part and 3 part bi folding door with matching angled window in kitchen conversion project

Versatility of the Frames

The versatility of your doors means you can open them to any width, even choosing where the door ‘leaves’ split (where the frames are separated). This flexibility means that you can fully open your doors, just open a few frames at the time, or use the single door for every day coming-and-going. You can also choose which way the doors hinge, whether they concertina inwards or outwards. This versatility is usually what gives bi-fold doors the edge over sliding patio doors. Bi-fold doors also come in small and large apertures and number of leaves, meaning they can be suitable and effective for many different projects.

Level Thresholds

Like sliding doors or French patio doors, bi-fold doors can also be fitted with a flush threshold which means the inside and outside floor is on the same level. Not only does this reinforce the seamless connection from your inside space to your outside space, but it also reduces trip hazards and means your home is more accessible with a large opening if ever you should need it.

Level thresholds are a little more complex as a complete understanding of the aperture and floor plans are needed, coupled with expert surveying and installation. If you are looking for this level of finish, be sure to engage with a bi folding door specialist.

Bespoke floating corner post bi folding door system to provide an unobscured view when the doors are open.

Bi-fold Doors and Corner Posts

For one of the most impressive and ambitious uses of the bi-fold doors, some architects and homeowners opt for bi-fold doors with floating corner posts. This takes opening up your space to a whole new level where two walls of your property are replaced with panels of bi-folding doors. This means you can have either a moving or fixed corner post dependent on your property. A moving corner post is similar to not having a corner post at all because the doors that create the corner can both retract to completely open up your room on two sides. Some properties may require a fixed corner post as this is what is required structurally for your home. This means that the corner post will always be visible even once the doors are fully open. This use of bi-fold doors is sure to wow your guests and is an easy way to transform a room into a contemporary space to relax and enjoy.

Rococo have a long history of installing transformative bi folding doors to homes in Romsey and beyond. For more inspiration, you can review our bi folding door case studies here, or you can book a showroom appointment to view our range of bi folding door products.