How Roof Lanterns and Skylights Can Open Up A Room!

With house prices soaring, extensions and home improvements are becoming increasingly popular. They can be time-savers for families looking to upsize. However, taking housing structures into account – extensions can often be left in the dark, with minimal natural light entering the building. A roof light is a great solution to maximising the potential of your house’s natural light. Not only do they create a great portal for natural light, they can also make the room appear bigger, offer great views and can potentially increase the value of your home.

Internal view of lantern roof providing natural light into this house extension and creating the appearance of extra living space

First off, home-owners don’t normally need planning permission to install a roof light. The process can be very simple. And with experts claiming a skylight could up your property value by 40k, its definitely worth a look in.
Skylights aren’t just a pane of glass in the ceiling, in recent years they’ve become increasingly sophisticated. Their architectural beauty will give your home the ‘wow-factor.’ Some even have a mind of their own, they’re designed to automatically open if the temperature rises, and close when it rains. This giving home-owners peace of mind if they accidentally leave it open.

Think of the energy savings! The natural heat of the sun will soon warm up your room, let alone the money you’ll save on lightbulbs. Skylights will admit three times as much light as a vertical window into a room, distributing it evenly throughout your home.

Whether you live in a basement, have a slanted roof or live in a flat, there are many different ways of manufacturing a roof lantern to work with certain architectural designs. So if you think it wouldn’t be viable to get one installed – think again!