How to Choose a Front Door Colour

Your front door is and always will the focal point of your home. This is true of small terraced houses and large mansions alike. Doors therefore command attention and afford homeowners the opportunity to make the biggest of statements.

While selecting a material for your entrance is important, settling on a colour carries equal significance. First impressions matter after all.

What on the surface may appear a relatively straightforward task is actually quite involved. A great deal of thought should go into the selection process as you whittle down hues and arrive at the perfect shade. Each has connotations and a bearing on how passers-by, as well as residents, view the property.

Get it right and you stand to enhance your house, injecting some of your own personality whilst differentiating yourself from the crowd (neighbours). Get it wrong and the opposite can quickly ring true.

So what are the key considerations for those on the lookout for a modern home luxury door and more specifically a new colour scheme?


Firstly it serves to consider the building itself. While a front door represents an epicentre of sorts the brickwork seen either side frames it.  Guarding against unfortunate clashes is important.


A light-coloured door for instance will look washed-out and dated if paired with pale brickwork. Similarly a vibrant coloured door intended to be ‘out there’ will hardly lend itself to darker, traditional brickwork. This particular contrast would prove harsh and horrible in equal measure.

Embrace rather than dismiss brickwork to achieve the right look and feel.

Monochromcatic Colour Scheme

The size of the property can also impact on any decision. Those who own smaller homes can cleverly adopt colours which ‘enlarge’ it… without the need for an extension.

This is achieved through the adoption of what is known as a monochromatic colour scheme. The term is defined as a ‘single base hue, extended using its shades, tones and tints’.

In this case it would see your chosen door colour replicated elsewhere. Sure enough its trim, along with accompanying windows and the general exterior will be an exact match. An illusion of sorts, this is one expansion that won’t break the bank.


Inspiration comes in many forms, not least your surroundings. Those properties circled by woodland and nature can blend in with a front door befitting of it. Green or brown would ensure it fits in with the landscape.

Those fortunate enough to live on the coast may embrace their location and opt for a sandy coloured door or even a light blue alternative.

While many hope to standout with their choice in door colour, blending in can prove just as effective.



Those boasting a porch or front door light at the front of their property should be mindful of how this will alter the appearance of the door itself when switched on.

Artificial light is after all very different from the natural kind.

In truth it can be very difficult to mimic how a door will look before its’s installed. While visiting a showroom is a great way to review all colour options, the products within them are still presented in different lighting.

That’s why when weighing up a couple of options it serves to ask for colour samples. Sticking these to the front of your current door and observing them throughout the day (and night) is the best indication of how the real thing will look.


Then we have the colours themselves, each telling a unique story.

While some simply plump for whichever jumps out from a colour chart, others give careful consideration to what each shade might say about them and their home.

Factoring in personality and mood is important.

The adventurous gravitate towards strong and bright colours when considering a modern front door – think lime green, orange or yellow. To afford their door maximum impact they may tone down surrounding elements while they’re at it, giving the likes of blinds and curtains a neutral hue.

Those wanting to appear bold but not necessarily garish might adopt darkened versions of lesser seen colours. The likes of burgundy, eggplant and forest green would strike the right note for these types. Red is also seen as bold yet not overly so.

Those who tend to be more relaxed by nature will likely favour calmer colours for their modern front door. These tend to include pale grey or sage and heritage and restful green alike. The latter comes into its own if standing at the head of a well-maintained garden.

Then we have the jocular types who hope to demonstrate their carefree nature through their choice in door colour. They may also want to appear welcoming. The likelihood is they’ll plump for yellow or orange and draw a crowd as a result.

Driven characters hoping to give off an air of authority might opt for black. This selection evokes power… hence its appearance in 10 Downing Street. Those connotations are re-enforced when a black door is paired with cream or white trim/platework in a modern front door.

Modern Front Doors Product - Rococo

Royal blue meanwhile is seen as classy and traditional, hence its inclusion on many period homes. By contrast grey is widely seen on contemporary builds yet still gives of an air of sophistication.

If your primary concern is ensuring your door never falls victim to changes in trend but instead remains timeless, a neutral colour is probably the way to go. The likes of cream, grey and taupe come into their own here. They also make life easier in the event of future home improvements, given their versatility.

While not strictly a colour, wood stain shares the same benefits.

All that considered white remains the most popular colour for standard and luxury front doors in the UK. This should perhaps come as no surprise given its adaptability. As the old adage states, ‘white goes with anything’. Its crisp and calm appearance still appeal in 2020, despite homeowners never having as many options.

Changing front doors can completely transform a property. Choosing between the likes of aluminium, composite, modern timber and statement front doors should be a priority but the same care and attention should be given to colouring.

This will elevate your product from a necessity to something far more; and part of a home you can be proud of. 

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