How To Keep Your Orangery Cool

Considering orangeries are renowned for their ability to absorb the sun’s heat and light, keeping them cool during the summer months is a topic than can often be ignored. It’s difficult to enjoy the luxurious qualities an orangery has to offer whilst being hot and bothered, so we’ve put together five ways that can cool the place down, making it a relaxing, comfortable place to entertain friends and family in during the hotter times of the year.

A Fan

A fan may seem like an obvious choice when it comes to cooling down a room, however there are some simple fixes you can apply to your fans to make them suit your situation better. It may be worth using a portable fan as a quick fix solution during the summer. Or, as a permanent addition, you could have a ceiling fan installed. Ceiling fans can be bought as an attachment to a light bulb or lamp, therefore they can cheaper than you think to install, and they will give you the opportunity to control the lighting and the temperature together.

Heat Reduction Film

A popular alternative to blinds, heat reduction film is applied to the roof of your orangery in order to reduce and control the amount of heat and light that enters the room.


It would be impossible to have a blind built into the frame of each window in an orangery, therefore you can customise how much sunlight and heat enters the room by focusing on larger areas. Make sure you get external advice when buying new blinds, as experts will be able to advise you on the best material, shape and mechanical workings for your needs.

Air Conditioning

An air conditioning system can be maintained throughout the summer and the winter, ensuring that your orangery remains at a comfortable temperature throughout the year. Most air conditioning systems are now built with air-purifying filtration systems, therefore the quality of the air in the room will improve, as well as the overall circulation.

Good Ventilation Levels

Ensuring you make the best effort to keep your orangery ventilated is definitely one of the cheaper options on the list. Keeping air flow consistent by opening windows and doors on both sides of the house will help maintain a relaxed temperature. However, if you are looking to add even more ventilation, you could have roof vents installed. Purchase these from a high quality supplier and fitter to avoid any leaking, damage or weak points.


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