How to make the most of your Orangery !

Tips and hints to make the most of your Orangery.

Below are our top tips for making the most out of your Orangery. For inspiration on the type of Orangeries we can offer, head over to our Case Studies page for more info. 

Make changes for summer and winter.

Well built Orangeries should stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer if you choose the right products and design for your home. In the winter, make the space cosy and comfortable by adding warm rugs and additional cushions and throws to create a warm and cosy environment on the dark winter nights. In the summer months, strip back the soft furnishing, removing the additional rugs and cushions, to create a clear and clutter free space and floor area that will stay cool and clean.

Traditional orangery

Consider blinds or shutters

Whether you opt for integral blinds, shutters or even roller blinds, adding these to your Orangery will help regulate the temperature whilst offering added privacy. Blinds or shutters are especially useful in the winter months to close out the dark and keep the internal space cosy and private.


Clean Glass

This may seem like a simple point, but ensuring your glass is kept clean and mist free will instantly make the space feel lighter and airier.

Sliding doors in an extension



When designing your Orangery, make sure you pay special attention to the heating element. Gone are the days where a conservatory was closed off in the winter months and only opened again when the sun was shining! Modern Orangeries are an extension of your home, and so heating the space should be an important point to consider. With options ranging from traditional radiators, floor to ceiling heaters, under floor heating or even wood burner stoves, the possibilities are endless.

Olive green timber windows


Add a little greenery

Orangeries were originally built to house exotic Orange and Lemon trees in the 17th and 18th century, so it stands to reason that their history should be reflected in today’s modern replicas. They are the perfect space for sun loving plants, so why not include some lush green plants to enhance the flow from the outside, in.

Internal orangery view