Inside to Outside Spaces

Nowadays, architects seek to incorporate their house structure plans with the available outdoor space, to make the most of every part of the design prospects. With cutting edge technologies and materials in mind, the sky is the limit when connecting inside and outside spaces together. Gardens that feature the aesthetics of an indoor living area are often forgotten about, however utilising bi-folding doors, new window designs, orangeries and conservatories can interlock both gardens and homes together in a unique fashion.

Whether you have a lot of room to work with or are dealing with a smaller space, the range and versatility of home improvements can have a staggering effect on your current living situation. Aside from the fact they offer huge visual benefits, they also have an impact on energy saving, and can potentially reduce bills dramatically. Here are a few pointers to look out for when considering inside-outside space improvements.


Developments in glass technology simply cannot be ignored. Their ability to create exceptional thermal performances, as well as keeping in existing heat can potentially help you save on energy bills. Whether you choose to buy single, double or even triple glazed glass, each piece can be personalised to suit your requirements. For example, retractable glass would work perfectly for those looking to turn a compact space into a larger socialising area.

Bi-folding doors

Like glass, bi-folding doors can be tailor-made to suit the exact requirements of the area you’re working with. Whether you have a conservatory, or want to open up a lounge space, these doors add a stunning centrepiece to your home, and they can adapt to existing areas with ease. Through different designs and technology, bi-folding doors are extremely versatile as they have the practical features to suit your inside space, as well as the style and appearance to match your garden and outdoor spaces.

Make the most of the view

Sliding doors, bi-folding doors, conservatories and orangeries all require a lot of glass, giving you the immediate advantage of having a great view. Opening up your living space with minimal but effective decoration will keep things uncluttered, allowing you to make the most of your garden whether it is big or small.


The idea is to create a natural link between your inside and outside spaces, and a simple way of blending the two together can be down to the way you choose to decorate. Using natural colours and materials to match those in your garden will help connect the two, creating one large socialising area. It’s about trying to encapsulate your garden inside the house, whilst portraying your living room outside the house. Outdoor living rooms are becoming more and more popular, as barbecues, worktops and plug sockets are easily accessible, giving you the opportunity to custom build your own outside world.

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