Is An Orangery A Good Investment?

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Before spending on an orangery, you want to ensure that it’s a worthwhile investment. Does it add value to your home? Will it get used? Is it worth it? All questions that you’ll be trying to answer as you go on this journey.

Does an orangery add value to the home? Yes it does. It’s a simple fact that adding square meters to your property increases its value (providing it’s done right). However as you know, orangeries are not just a tacked on afterthought like a conservatory. They are crafted and designed to seamlessly fit the aesthetic of your home and built as an extension to your living spaces, not just an extra room. We carefully take into account how you use your home, how you like to entertain and relax and incorporate it into the best design for your needs.

A study by the telegraph suggests that your everyday run-of-the-mill extension adds on average 11% to the value of your home. In addition, according to the office of national statistics, a modest 25m2 extension in the Southampton (or surrounding area) area would add approximately £60,000 to the value of the average property. It’s a safe assumption to estimate that an orangery, which extends living spaces and increases natural light in ways that an extension couldn’t, could give a greater improvement on this return.

Will it get used? How you use your orangery is down to you. It’s not just a room you go to when it’s sunny; it’s an improvement to the heart of your home. It’s more room for entertaining, for friends, for family, for memories. From this point of view, it’s worth looking at the value you gain from an orangery not necessarily from a financial aspect, but from quality of life. How much is it worth to you to host Christmas, birthday parties and the odd evening dinner?

At Rococo, the investment you make doesn’t just create a beautiful extension to your home, it gives the peace of mind and relaxation of knowing that you’ve got professionals handling every part. We project manage the entire build, from the technical drawings to the final touches, you don’t need to worry about a thing. You don’t need to find architects, builders or glazers; there’s no scheduling deliveries or managing workforces.

Take a look at our graphic which shows you exactly how Rococo makes building an orangery a painless and simple task for you.

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