List it or Love it with Rococo

OrangeriesIf you love Kirsty and Phil from Location, Location, Location, you may have seen their show Love it or List it, following couples who can’t decide whether to update their current home or move. In the latest series Kirsty and Phil have been re visiting couples to see if they decided to stay or move, and it’s great to see how many decided to stay after making a few structural changes to their property.

The most common complaints within the show for wanting to move was space, functionality and storage and with a few simple structural changes, new windows and front of house changes, most couples decided to love their home and stay.

So, before you decide to put your house on the market, have a look at the below to see how easy it can be to change these problems in your home making you want to love it and save on the thousands of pounds it costs to move.

Kerb appeal

Front doors are the focal point to most houses and can make a huge impact on the look and feel of the property. From traditional, statement doors from The English Door Company perfect for a period property, to our Duteman range of aluminium doors for a modern, contemporary feel, we have a range of products to instantly update the look of your property whilst ensuring the highest level of security for your home.

Modern and contemporary Aluminium front door scheme  

Spitfire door is bespoke aluminium wall

Traditional and authentic - Timber alternative Front door 

Traditional Boxmoor door



Bi Folds or Sliding doors will instantly flood a room with natural daylight. As well as adding natural daylight into a space, bi folds and sliding doors can create seamless flow between the garden and interior rooms giving the sense of flow and space, especially in the warmer months.

4 Part bi folding door leading onto decking !

4 part bi fold onto decking

3 part slim line sliding door with one heck of a view ! 

3 part slim line door with a view


Space  -

Orangeries can be a beautiful extension to your home and can create fabulous open plan living. With bespoke options for both classic design and contemporary style available, an Orangery can work for any type of property. With the glass ceilings flooding the space with natural light and the different options for either bi folding doors or French doors to create flow between the inside and out, they are the perfect extension to any home.  And not only does an Orangery add the desired space to you home, but it in turn will also add value.

Truely bespoke and truely unquie designed for you and your home. Have a brief look at some alterntive options below.

Gable vaulted zinc roof with saddle glazing 

Gable roof with glazing in ZINC

Gable roof with zinc


Traditional Orangery with bespoke copper roof finish 

extension with copper roof

Extension with copper roof


Modern and contempory Orangery with ceder overhang !

Modern double orangery

Modern orangery with ceder cladding

Get in touch to book an appointment in our showroom, where all of the above products are available to view and start to make your next home improvement a reality.