Orangery As A Kitchen

Traditionally, orangeries were designed to help keep delicate tropical plants (transported in from warmer regions) safe during the colder months. Today, they’re a beautiful bespoke addition to the home which adds space and light into the heart of your home.

Since orangeries tend to extend and improve upon the parts of the home you already spend so much time in, we’re often asked whether orangeries are suitable for kitchens. To which we say orangeries are perfect for kitchens.

An orangery with a kitchen is like having the best equipped BBQ area you can imagine. Orangeries are designed to allow you to feel as though you’re outside, with all of the comforts of being inside. They bring the indoors out and the outdoors in. Most of our kitchen orangeries are designed with large bi-fold doors which open up to make the kitchen feel more like its on a shaded terrace, than indoors. Our orangeries are specifically designed to allow for a social and free-flowing environment from the garden through the kitchen and the rest of the house. The aim is to create an orangery that’s perfect for entertaining whatever the weather.

Kitchens can be too big

A good orangery with a kitchen is designed like that from the start. Whether you’re relocating the kitchen into another area of the home or simply extending and improving what’s already there, it’s important to have this planned from the outset.

Putting a kitchen into an orangery is no simple feat and there are plenty of considerations to make during the design phase to ensure that there are no hiccups.

Can I extend my kitchen into an orangery?

Absolutely, this is the simplest method of introducing a kitchen into the orangery. This method simply extends the kitchen and perhaps adds an open plan living area to increase the overall area of the kitchen. With this planned from the beginning, we can plan glazing placement to ensure that there’s no interference with existing or extended fixtures. Alternatively, you may wish to move the kitchen into the extended area, by bringing the key areas (hob, sink, etc) into the newly created space – creating a more social kitchen area.

Chandlers Ford Bi-fold 2

Key considerations, such as plumbing, ventilation and wiring all need to be done during the design phase, but implementation is no different to the rest of the building.

Orangeries containing a kitchen are never just an orangery; they are a complete entertainment space. They’re for dining, entertaining and creating memories. We’ll work with you from the beginning to ensure that you can do everything you want to with your new orangery. Whether you’re an evening entertainer, a summer bruncher or prefer a quiet get-together, it’s all in the designs.

We’ve built a huge number of orangeries across the south cost, if you’re a little unsure or simply looking for inspiration; take a look at our case studies section. It’s full of high quality pictures and information about our latest orangery builds. Take a look and see how you can improve the heart of your home.

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