Prepare Your Orangery For The Summer!

Make your Orangery the best it can be!

Although we’ve had some crazy weather recently, ranging from sleet to glorious sunshine, believe it or not – summer is approaching! Yes, that’s right, it’s staying lighter for longer, it’s getting to a point where you’re now “too hot” at work rather than sitting there shivering with a scarf and gloves on. Mornings are becoming an absolute delight, giving you a fresh start to the day and in general putting a spring in your step. It’s that time of year to start utilising your conservatory or orangery, and use them to their maximum potential – here are a few pointers to get them looking ship-shaped and shiny, just before those long summer nights with the back doors wide open.

Garden: One of the main advantages of having an orangery/conservatory is the connection it gives you with your garden. Bringing the outside world into your living space creates a whole new aesthetic. It might not be time to start mowing the lawn just yet, but you can pull out those weeds and start planting seeds. Get that BBQ ready for action because before you know it you’ll be throwing parties, using your conservatory as the main hosting space.

Update: Changing your blinds is a great way to spruce up a conservatory or orangery. They work as a great addition to your feature and you’ll be surprised at how much they completely revamp the room! Pop over to the blinds section on our site and check out our extensive range of fabulous products.

Heating: We can only hope to experience a heat-wave, but one thing is guaranteed – the temperature in general will begin to increase, meaning you can save on those heating bills!  Utilise your heat in certain hours of the day by scheduling heating patterns, this is much cheaper than leaving the boiler to run all day – it’s also a good opportunity to service it.

Windows and Doors: Less heating usage gives you a great opportunity to assess those windows and doors. It may be time to replace any old ones that are causing heat loss or draughts in time for the winter. The designs could also match those from your lovely orangery or conservatory, so that’s well worth a look in.


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What are you waiting for? Get yourself excited for the summer and start looking at the changes you can make to improve your home.

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