R9 window Joints vs Evolution Timber Alternative Joint

R9 window Joints  vs Evolution Timber Alternative Joint

In summary we feel the Evolution Timber Look joint is proving to be more beneficial than then R9 alternative.


More notably, the strength of a Timber Look joint will guarantee stability in the frame as a whole. The joint is welded together, whilst still maintaining a timber look – this differs from the R9 which uses plastic end caps to join the corners together, this could prove to wear away or become loose over time.


It’s important to be able to change aspects of the frame if needed. They need to be easily accessible if they need an update or repair.  In the R9’s, the glass in glued to the frame, which could prove difficult to take apart if needed. The Timder Look Joint features toe and heeled glass, this enables the glass unit to be removed and replaced if required.

Fine detail

The R9 joint restricts some of the windows vital features. Its design faults can leave some untidiness on the finished product. For example, the sash sizes are restricted due to the mechanics. When the sash is open, unsightly colours are left on the end caps rather than the smooth finish you’d have hoped for. The size restrictions also mean that these joints and frames aren’t available on doors.


The Evolution Timber Look joint is available on all ranges of doors and window frames, giving you an even, matching look throughout your home. The welding process ensures a reliable finish whether the sash is open or closed, and the framing structure means there will be no displeasing colour on the end caps when the sash is open.

The Timber Look joints are the foundry for elegant window and door frames. They are ideal for anybody wanting to add an easy-to-maintain aesthetic timber look to their homes.