Should You Get Blinds For Your Bi Folding Doors?

So, you have decided to invest in bi fold doors and breathe new life into your property.

Sleek, modern and a means of connecting your inside with the out, they represent a transformative home improvement that will greatly enhance appearance and sell on value alike.

If the merits of bi folds are obvious, whether or not to adorn them with blinds is less so.

While some deem these a necessity, others gravitate towards the more traditional style of a curtain. Others simply go without.

Ultimately there is no right or wrong answer and personal taste will always dictate how you decorate your new feature. That said, there are obvious benefits to adding blinds….


The first of these is privacy. The addition of large, expansive glass may well provide uninterrupted views outside, but the reverse is also true.

Not all homeowners are fortunate enough to possess an enclosed garden, meaning passers-by can easily catch a glimpse inside their property.

Privacy is welcomed when home working, dining or settling down for the evening, all of which can conceivably take place in an extension, and by extension… in plain sight.

Blinds ensure some things remain behind closed doors.

A range of external blinds giving a neat finish to bi folding doors


They also act as a deterrent of sorts. Indeed, blinds bring increased security by shielding the inside of the home. Burglars are often drawn to properties in which they can see into.

While modern bi folds come with innovative locking mechanisms, many still chance their arm, particularly in winter months when residents are less inclined to frequent a conservatory or orangery.

Blinds will make them think twice and bring all incumbents peace of mind.

Reduce Heat

While many of us relish summer and bask in sunshine, others lament high temperatures… particularly when sat inside.

Blinds allow homeowners to reduce the amount of light and glare pouring into a room and better control heat.

To help with this, a great many fabrics are available – ranging from semi-transparent, for those less effected, to blackout blinds, for those who wish to tally block out the sun.

Where there is sun there is a need for shade…

Ease of Use: Magnetic Sliders

Traditional blinds were not exactly difficult to operate but the magnetic sliders offered by Rococo simplify things further still.

How do these work exactly? A small magnetic device is placed on either the right or left edge of the sealed unit. Moving its slider up or down will raise or lower slats accordingly.

Similarly, lifting or lowering the slider will allow you to tilt the blinds as you see fit. It’s never been so easy.

A cordless system, it is little surprise this has become so popular in recent years. This single control can govern all blinds across the unit whilst remaining inconspicuous. Its narrow, transparent profile ensure it doesn’t detract from the overall design and lessen its impact.

Magnetic sliders are available in a range or colours and lend themselves to the modern, sleek feel of bi folding doors. They have understandably become the go-to for such installations.

A range of external blinds giving a neat finish to bi folding doors


For many investing in bi fold doors, decoration comes down to a straight choice between blinds and curtains. The former is more appealing, for several reasons.

One of these is size. Few curtains are cut in a way that fit modern windows and frames seen within bi folding doors. It’s worth remembering such installations do not always lend themselves to overhead poles.

Those that do opt for curtains discover they can obscure too much of the view and detract from the overall design.

Curtains also show more obvious signs of wear and tear. Patterned designs can become discoloured and begin to sag. Blinds, in contrast, endure.

Curtains too drop down in a way that can easily conceal door handles and locks – presenting an unlikely but no less irritating obstruction. This is not the case with blinds, which are often custom fitted.

Blinds also have the advantage of folding outwards with the door itself, allowing homeowners to open the aperture whilst still shielding from the light.

Above all blinds simply compliment the look and feel of bi folds better. Their simplicity lends itself to modern design, and the bifold door is every bit the modern home improvement.

While curtains doubtless serve a purpose, they tend to suit more traditional properties.


To the surprise of many, blinds also help reduce energy costs. Considerably in fact.

Yes, money can be saved throughout the year by drawing or opening blinds. In the summertime, when the sun beats down and the temperature approaches melting point, many decide to turn up the air conditioning and combat the sweat. Closing the blinds on your bi folding doors however will help to keep the sun out, reducing any unwelcome solar heat gain.

On the flip side, heat tends to escape the home through the likes of windows and bi fold doors in winter. Closing binds at this time of year provides insulation and reduces heat loss. This, in turn, will lessen the need to switch on the central heating.

The time of day, as well as season, can influence thermal efficiency.

On balmy night’s opening blinds – if only slightly – allows some heat to escape the property and spares you cooling costs when you wake up.

Similarly, on those cold frosty evenings when the sun is weakened but still apparent, leaving at least some blinds open will let that stream through and heat the interior. The cold won’t seem quite as bitter when you awake.

Cost savings are something few associate with bi fold blinds but are a welcome bonus all the same.

Choice: Integral Blinds

A range of external blinds giving a neat finish to bi folding doors

Finally, there is no shortage of choice when it comes to the types of blinds you can add to your bi folding doors.

Here at Rococo we offer what we deem to be the best of the bunch – integral blinds.

This innovative setup sees venetian or plated blinds housed within the glass itself. The gap created between two planes in any typical double-glazing unit is where these particular blinds will sit.

Still a relatively modern approach, integral blinds bring with them some obvious benefits.

Key requirements highlighted above, such as maintaining privacy and blocking out the sun, are still realised. Refreshingly however integral blinds require next to no maintenance. Being enclosed, they will remain dust free and so never need cleaning.

Not only that but there is no danger of them ever flapping in the wind and causing mild irritation by disturbing the peace. By the same token, they present no trip hazard, an inescapable downside of cords.

Incorporating the aforementioned magnetic sliders, integral blinds are easy to operate and built to last.

Whilst being one of the dearer options on the market they both look better and last longer, justifying any outlay.

Bi fold doors are one of the most impactful home improvements but to get the very best out of them is to fit integral and magnetic blinds. They will allow you to enjoy your new surroundings on your own terms.

For more information on bi fold doors and associated blinds, contact Rococo.