Sliding Doors vs Bifolding Doors

When undergoing home improvements one of the big decisions many people face is choosing between sliding and bi fold doors. With more and more people selecting modern glazed doors to connect their home to their outside space, we decided to look at some of the benefits of sliding doors and bi fold doors to help you decide on the product that is right for you.  

What are bifold doors?

Bifold doors are doors with sliding panels which, when open, concertina together. These doors allow you to open your space fully to the outside when opened. Rococo offer a number of bifold doors to homeowners in Romsey and throughout the south of England, all of which are completely customisable and available with the option of up to eight panels. We are also premium suppliers of Origin's industry leading aluminium bi fold doors.

What are sliding doors?

Aluminium sliding doors are made up from panels of glass, usually made up of 2 or 3 panes, which slide from left to right, with one pane sliding behind the other. These doors allow for maximum light exposure and uninterrupted views of your outside area, especially with the modern sleek and slim sight lines that are now on offer.

What are the Benefits of Each?

Bifold Doors:


With aluminium bi fold doors you are given the opportunity to open your home fully to your outside space when the doors are retracted. This gives you an extension of your home and allows you to enjoy the outside and inside space as one. These are a great option for people who enjoy entertaining and want a seamless transition between their external and internal space.

Our bifolding doors are weathertight and very thermally efficient, meaning when the doors are closed you will be protected from the unpredictable British weather. All our doors are fitted with magnetic catches and finger-safe gaskets to ensure no little fingers can get pinched in the joints. The doors are completely secure and operate on an eight-point locking system reassuring even the most safety-conscious homeowner.

Sliding Doors:


Aluminium sliding doors significantly reduce the visual barrier between inside and out, creating a light-filled environment for you and your family. With sleek and slim sight lines, you are given uninterrupted views of your surroundings allowing you to connect effortlessly with your outside space. New sliding doors are now bigger and better than ever, with great thermal performance and large glass panes as an option. With bigger glass panels comes smaller frames, meaning you can maximise your view. This is why aluminium sliding doors are used more often when the view is one of the driving factors of a project. Rococo offer a variety of sliding door brands as options including InfiniGLIDE, Origin and Dutemann.

Both bifold and sliding doors can have flush thresholds, again emphasising the flow between the indoor and outdoor spaces.


At Rococo we offer aluminium and UPVC sliding doors, with a number of glass-type options… toughened, reflective and laminated among them. All of our bifolding doors are made from a premium-grade aluminium with the option for double or triple glazing.  


As with all home improvement projects, we thoroughly suggest using a local company when thinking about installing aluminium bi fold doors and aluminium sliding doors alike. When Rococo undertake any project, we offer unlimited home visits because we know just how important these projects are to get right. With both bifolding and sliding doors, our design team are here to help you with making the right decision for your home, and our experienced build team ensure whichever doors you choose are installed correctly and within your time frame.

The size and configuration of your doors will impact how long installation will take. Typically, the doors are one of the last elements to be installed on a build project, and usually bifold doors of up to six panels, and sliding doors up to 3 panes can be finished within a day.


Planning permission

Normally, changing or adding doors to a property comes under permitted development, meaning you won’t need planning permission for bifolding or sliding doors, however there are some exceptions, so it is worth checking with your local authority before undertaking any work. Properties in a conservation area or listed buildings need additional permission, although this is usually for the front of the house. Rococo can help you in your initial stages of your project to ensure all work undertaken is within building regulations and all necessary planning permission is attained.

Which doors are right for me?

The easiest place to start when thinking about which doors to choose is to ask yourself what you want to achieve. If you want to minimise the visual obstruction of your outside space and enhance your view and natural light, then aluminium sliding doors may be your best option. If you want to use your indoor and outdoor space seamlessly, and create a larger, more open space, then aluminium bi fold doors could be the best choice.

Ultimately the decision between bifold and sliding doors depends entirely on your personal taste, your existing home, and your requirements. Rococo’s design team are available to offer their support and advice on which doors would help you realise your home improvement vision. For more information on bi folding doors and sliding doors alike, arrange a visit to our Romsey showroom.