Storm Evolution - A real alternative

Why timber alternative windows make a great option for any home.

Timber alternative windows are a great way to add an updated feel to any home. Regardless of your home's age, timber alternative windows are a perfect, cost effective and energy efficient option for replacing tired timber windows.

With an extensive array of colours to choose from, a plethora of beautiful designs, effect detailing and the thinnest of profiles, it's easy to see why this modern design twist on traditional windows are fast becoming a must have home improvement buy for many home owners.

These exquisitely designed products promise to maintain an organic feel of traditional wood whilst encapsulating the advantages of modern, state of the art windows. The natural, elegant frames draw heat into a house and instantly make a home energy efficient by cutting the bills. Alongside saving you money, the windows will prove to be an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home ­and one that will have the neighbours talking.

Storm Evolution window


Wave goodbye to the costly and time-consuming upkeep of wooden windows as these will only require a minimal degree of maintenance. Made from only the best materials, the modern spin doesn't lose any of the traditional charm meaning they will sit perfectly in any period home.

Timber alternative windows

With hand finished, sculptured joints, these windows truly put a spin on tradition. Many customers who have purchased timber alternative windows before have often mistaken them for wooden windows on first look. Why not check them out for yourself in our Romsey showroom and see how timber alternative windows can be a perfect solution for any home this coming winter.