Stress Free Replacement Windows

Replacing windows or looking for replacement windows doesn’t need to be the headache or stress you think it might be. At Rococo we don’t have silly sales, gimmicks or imaginary bonanza deals, we have quality products , great design and style advice and a superb  service, which means our clients can be confident that the price they pay is the best price for the quality of products and service they can expect to receive.

We recognise how important your home is to you and we understand that developing, refurbishing or extending your home is not an impulse buy , so you wouldn’t be pressured into doing  deal on the first visit , you won’t have a call from the sales manager on day 3 with a “managers special offer” and you sure won’t be left wondering if this journey is worth it.

Rococo offer a professional service , we will ask the right questions to understand what it is you require , we will dig deep to work with you to figure out what it is you really do want and what will work best for your home and your budget . We will then prepare a proposal and conduct great design and CAD work for you to show you exactly what the new products will look like on your home. We offer enthusiasm from industry and design experts who will provide you with straight answers to your questions.

With a small team here at Rococo, our clients get a very hands on approach from all the key members of the business, which means the conception of your project in the first vital part of the project. The journey you embark on with us could last months (scale of the project dependent) knowing your team and having direct access to us is a really excellent part of our offering . This means communication channels are open at all time.

Every customer and every project is of great value to a small business like ours. Your business is as important to us , as your project is to you.


We look forward to working with you.