The great debate - Bi folding doors or Sliding doors

Sliding Doors or Bi Folds – the choice is yours!

When it comes to choosing the right doors for your home renovation, it can be a minefield when deciding what type of doors will fit best within your plans, and with many new options on the market, the choices are endless. 

Bi folds with floating corner post

A few years ago, Bi Folding Doors were the product of choice for anyone wanting to open up the living space to the garden to create one large area for entertaining. With uninterrupted wide screen views , Bi Folds are a versatile product, allowing for either a full opening or part opening. They are still a hugely popular option due to these versitile opening options. In winter months, the traffic door can be used for easy access out, without the need to open up the whole set. In the warmer months, and unlike sliding doors, the whole appiture of the Bi fold doors can be opened, providing a large open space, connecting the garden to the internal spaces. 

Bi folding doors with corner posts


Sliding Doors have been a part of modern homes for many years, however the arrival of new products such as the ultra sleek slim line Origin OS-20 sliding doors with 20mm interlockers have given them a new lease of life, and have catapulted them into the ‘must have’ product for home renovations. Sliding doors are the perfect solution for those wanting less frame and more glass, and with thier floor to ceiling glass designs, it's easy to see why so many of our customers want to include these in their homes.  

Ultra slim sliding doors




Luckily at our showroom we have a range of Bi Folds, Sliding Doors and even Steel affect doors (see recent blog for more details of these) on show for you to view and try. What might have been your first product choice may not necessary be the product you decide on.

Origin OS20 Sliding door

By booking an appointment with one of our Design Consultants in our showroom, you will be able to tap into their wealth of knowledge advising you on the best product for you, ultimately helping to create your dream home. Please call today on 01793 511180 or email