Tips and Tricks to stay warm at home this winter




  • Thick Curtains

Windows are one of the main culprits when it comes to heat lost in our homes. If replacing them isn’t an option, cover them with thick curtains and keep them drawn in the evenings when you are home. This will ensure the heat doesn’t escape as quickly.

  • Keep doors closed to rooms you are not using

If you are not using certain rooms on a regular basis, keep doors closed to trap the heat circulating in the areas you are using.  

  • Keep windows closed

If windows are open to allow fresh air in, keep this to a minimum and never forget to close them when you are done. Large amounts of heat can be lost through even the smallest gap, so make sure they are fully closed and locked.  

  • Use Draft excluders

Covering the bottom of doorways with a draft excluder will make the room feel warmer, allowing the heat to be turned down slightly, and thus saving you money. If you don’t want to purchase a draft excluder, a rolled-up blanket will also do the job.

  • Don’t block your radiators

Keeping your radiators free from furniture and sofas allows the heat to travel further into the room.

  • Leave the oven door open

We don’t mean when cooking, but once you have finished cooking and have turned the oven off to cool down, why not keep the oven door open to allow the warm air into the room. Every little helps!

  • Hot water bottles and blankets

An oldy but a goody – hot water bottles and blankets. It can sometimes be tempting to set the heating to come on in the night or be on when you go to bed. Putting a hot water bottle in your bed 10 minutes before you get in will ensure you are warm and cosy, and with an additional blanket over you, should stay warm throughout the night.