Transform Your Home With An Amazing Orangery

Transform your home

We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve wished to have a greater space in our homes. Sometimes you just need extra storage, or more room to spend quality time with family and friends.  Well the good news is, you can create a whole new dimension to your home in the form of an Orangery. Orangeries are becoming increasingly popular in British homes, and are giving conservatories a run for their money.

Orangeries offer a slightly different take on traditional conservatories. They originated from Italy, where they became symbol of wealth. Through their architectural development and exquisite designs, Orangeries can add a touch of elegance to your any home.

By having a traditional appearance, but using contemporary technologies, an orangery can become the ultimate energy saver. Most come with double or triple glazed windows, thus keeping the room well heated when required. The large frame of the room welcomes in the suns natural light, which will flood your home with a picturesque setting.

modern orangery


When Orangeries were originally introduced into homes in the 17th century, they were initially intended to act as a room for cultivating exotic plants. They’re a great way of interacting your garden with your home. This can also help when you’re decorating – natural colours and decoration link the garden and living areas together in a very harmonious fashion. 

Whether you’re looking to extend a kitchen, living space or garden room, the versatility of an orangery can meet every need. They can be tailored to meet your properties character, whilst exploiting the natural surroundings. Different materials and technologies are carefully crafted to develop a range of windows, doors and roofing structures. The possibilities really are endless with an Orangery, and with summer looming, it’s well worth a look in.

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