VR Bringing your home improvement plans to life

A revolution in designing and planning your next home improvement project. Our virtual reality service enables you to visually immerse yourself into your home and see your new design and build project come to life.

Virtual Reality (VR) has emerged as a transformative tool for customers embarking on their next home improvements project. This cutting-edge technology offers numerous advantages, making the entire process more accessible, engaging, and satisfying. From envisioning renovation ideas to streamlining decision-making, VR has significantly improved the customer experience and has become a valuable asset for those looking to enhance their homes.

Our VR service for design and build projects is a full 360 Degree view of your project made amazingly realistic with full texture, lighting and furniture in place to get a real feel for the finished project. View and explore using a VR headset or mobile phone.

Other virtual view options include montage visuals or an animated fly through video also 3D Cad drawing models and 3D Visuals.


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VR Home Improvements

VR Home improvements key benefits

One of the key benefits of VR for customers in the UK is the ability to visualize their dream home accurately. Traditionally, customers would have to rely on blueprints, sketches, or their imagination to picture the end result of a renovation project. However, VR takes it to a whole new level by creating a virtual representation of the space. Customers can put on a VR headset and walk through their home-to-be, experiencing the changes as if they were already completed. This level of immersion and realism helps customers make well-informed decisions, ensuring that they are satisfied with the outcome even before construction begins.

Unique architectural challenges

In the UK, where homes often come with limited space and unique architectural challenges, VR becomes even more valuable. Customers can use VR simulations to explore various layout options, test different furniture arrangements, and experiment with color schemes. By doing so, they can optimize their living spaces, making the most out of every square inch. VR enables customers to see how each design choice impacts the overall look and feel of their home, empowering them to make choices that align perfectly with their preferences and lifestyle.

Selection process made easier

VR also simplifies the selection process for customers. When it comes to choosing materials, finishes, and decor elements, the number of options available can be overwhelming. However, VR showrooms and virtual viewing allow customers to see the finished project in real-time, facilitating a better understanding of how each choice fits into their home.

In addition to all these benefits, VR provides an engaging and enjoyable experience for customers. Home improvements can be a stressful and uncertain process, but VR injects an element of fun and excitement. It turns what could be a daunting task into an interactive journey of discovery and creativity. As a result, customers become more enthusiastic about their home improvement projects, enhancing their overall satisfaction and enjoyment throughout the process.


Book your showroom visit today and ask us about Virtual Reality for your next design and build project.