What Makes A Bespoke Orangery?

Choosing an Orangery as a way of extending your home, over an extension or conservatory, suggests you are chasing the wow factor and something that will add real value to the property itself. Orangeries, by their very nature, are exotic rooms which connect your house with your garden meaning you can enjoy your garden all year round. Historically used for growing orange trees, they usually host fantastic glass roofs or roof lanterns, walls of windows and, for the contemporary Orangery, bi-folding doors.

Can your high expectations be met if you choose an off-the-shelf Orangery solution, a one-size-fits-all design? Probably not.


So, what makes a bespoke Orangery?

At Rococo we pride ourselves on being able to meet our customers’ exact requirements. We instal orangeries throughout Dorset, Hampshire and Romsey, working with our customers to produce something which will enhance the atmosphere and environment of their homes. It will blend seamlessly with your existing home and become a room you will wonder how you ever lived without.


The Design Process

Our design process puts the customer at the very centre and we tailor every aspect of the design to your personal needs and requirements. We have in-house experts who can design your Orangery in 3D rendering so you can see exactly what your Orangery will look like once it is built. This helps to ensure the picture of your Orangery in your mind’s eye, has been fully understood and correctly interpreted by the designers at the outset.

Our design process begins with a consultation in which we find out exactly what kind of design you are picturing. With our wealth of experience, we might have some different or better ideas, and we will also be able to guide you away from design concepts which won’t work very well. We will then follow up with a detailed proposal. Once you place an order we will survey your house and begin building work, install the Orangery and finally will complete the project with all the small finishing touches which make your Orangery completely bespoke to you.

Choosing Rococo to design and build your Orangery with you, means you get the very best in customer service and complete project management solution right the way through your project. Your Orangery will be designed to your specifications and can account for any quirks or particular features you want to include – for example a wood burning fire, or timber-effect window and door frames.

With Rococo, you are not buying a product off the shelf; you will get a completely personalised Orangery and service, built just for you.

Seamless Finish

We can ensure that any render or cladding your house has can be repeated on the Orangery so it blends seamlessly with your existing home. You will get a completely bespoke structural design, and any paperwork which is necessary can be completed by Rococo, taking all the stress out of your Orangery build.

Your Bespoke Orangery

Our entire process, from initial meeting to completing the finishing touches of your Orangery, is to make Rococo’s Orangery service a completely bespoke process and end product for you.  

We want to deliver an Orangery which perfectly suits your needs.  We want you to be happy, to have a room which will take your breath away every time you step into it – no matter what time of year it is. We want to deliver something which is unique to you and your home; bespoke in every sense.

Bespoke Extensions:

Tailor-made to suit your unique needs, our bespoke extensions are designed to perfection. Let us create a space that reflects your personality and style. Create Your Bespoke Extension.


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