Why Customers Always Leave Positive Reviews For Evolution Windows

It’s no exaggeration to say home improvement projects were transformed with the emergence of Timber Alternative Windows.

A revolutionary range designed to replicate and in many respects eclipse wooden frames, it enables homeowners to breathe new life into the oldest properties.

Little wonder then that Evolution, the brand behind the modern heritage window, have earned rave reviews since changing the market in 2005.

But what distinguishes their products from those of their competitors and makes them so revered?

The answer lies in their flagship model, the Flush window.

Inspired by traditional cottages and period properties, it doffs its cap to a bygone era whilst introducing modern features; technology that greatly enhances performance. It’s this winning combination which has served to create a timeless and beloved range, drawing no shortage of plaudits in the process.


On release the Flush window received widespread acclaim for its sleek design, boasting clear lines among the slimmest in the industry. The windows themselves were 82mm deep, taking up far less in the way of space.

On first inspection, there are no obvious differences between real timber and what has become a stunning replica born from UPVC.

This can be credited to exceptional detailing and a remarkable woodgrain finish. Subtle but impactful touches, they immediately appealed to owners of cottages and rural retreats hoping to replace yet replicate original windows.

And not only did Flush windows look the part, they came minus the inescapable downsides of actual wood.

Maintenance is minimal, with no need for the likes of re-sanding or re-painting. Replicating the classic style minus any real effort is just one reason Evolution products so appealed then and now.

Storm Windows from Evolution - Rococo


Another is the level of customisation available, lending the windows to refurbishments and newbuilds alike.

Evolution’s product line, which was quickly extended to include the Storm offering, is available in a wide range of standard colours or 200+ RAL equivalents. This allows for coordination with the likes of living rooms and kitchens, elevating redesigns in the process.

Similarly, those properties containing a large volume of windows can have them replaced without the need for arduous painting – accelerating the process and reducing outlay.

Further refinements can be made with the addition of Georgian Bars, butt hinges, handcrafted joints and more. Door handles also come in several varieties.

Elsewhere glass panels themselves are easily replaced – should the need arise – and triple glazing options are available for those who wish to go that bit further in a bid to retain heat but exclude noise.

It’s sheer choice that so delights customers.


Where these windows truly come into their own however is advanced features.

Multi-point shoot bolt locking systems come as standard and act as the ultimate deterrent whilst affording extra security.

Cutting edge thermal technology meanwhile delivers A+13 efficient ratings across the board and U-values of 1.3. With energy savings never far from customers minds, this has become a huge incentive.

On a similar theme, trickle vents are included to filter air into the property at a reasonable rate. Long viewed as eyesores, these particular vents are hidden from view as Evolution have moved to develop weather bars that artfully conceal them. Another example of attention to detail making a huge difference.

The popular Storm has followed suit and is true its name, combating the harshest conditions.

Innovative acoustic glass solutions have also been developed to further curb outside noise should you live in a built up areas.

Evolution Flush Window - Rococo


Given their benefits are plentiful you’d be forgiven for thinking Evolution windows will break the bank. The opposite is in fact true as they present a cost-effective alternative to traditional wood.

Once installed, homeowners stand to save in energy and maintenance costs, positives which inspire great demand and reviews in equal measure.

Evolution windows combine simplistic design with cutting edge technology, allowing them to modernise a property whilst adhering to its rustic charm.

A thermally efficient, cost effective, secure alternative to the timber frames on which they’re based, they have in many ways surpassed the original design. Their popularity is not only understandable but justified.

The positive reviews continue unabated and are unlikely to stop any time soon.

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