Schuco Aluminium
Bi Folding Doors 

Schuco is a well established company with more than 50 years experience in the manufacturing business. They now produce an innovative bi folding door product, delivering both visual beauty and functional strength.

These Bi folding doors are not only versatile but highly insulated, providing U Values as low as 1.3. Sunlight will duly stream into your room and brighten up your days.

A much celebrated product, the Schuco system combines practicality and style in equal measure. Thermally insulated frames come with the option of triple glazing, offering the very best choice in whole walls of glass.

A welcome addition to any project, Schuco’s bi-folding doors have improved extensions, homes and orangeries in recent years. Builders and architects alike swear by their capability, incorporating Schuco into a wide range of projects across the country.

Key Features

Over 200 Ral colours to choose from.


Ultra-thin profiles, complete with a full range of colour’s, configurations and furniture options are available. These wonderful bi folds deliver the perfect opportunity to bring the outdoors inside. When fully opened your bi folds will deliver an opening of around 95 %, inviting your garden into your home.


Effortless opening and closing mechanisms reveal unobstructed views of the garden. Each door is custom designed and made to measure, meaning once installed it requires only fingertip pressure to open and close.


Schuco bi fold doors are extremely versatile and tailored to meet many apertures and requirements. With a maximum width of 1200mm, we can design your doors to be economically sound whilst still maintaining style and substance.

Thermally Efficient

Schuco bi-folding doors are thermally broken and when matched with top end glazing products achieve amazing U ¬Values.
U Values are the industry’s guide to measuring the quality of a window and/or door product. This method tracks the heat transferred through any one design. In almost all cases the lower the output, the greater the quality. U Values are a useful barometer, revealing just how effective your product is in retaining heat.

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Quality Bi Fold doors in Hampshire

Please view our gallery below to gain some ideas and inspiration for your very own grand design. These pictures below a selection of our installations across our region including towns and cities such as Portsmouth, Salisbury, Bournemouth, Southampton, Winchester, Romsey, New Forest along as well as other areas of Hampshire, West Sussex and Dorset.