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Guaranteed maximum efficiency and performance for your investment

upvc windows

Our 60mm UPVC window and door systems are designed to aesthetically complement both chamfered and sculptured options, creating beautifully contemporary frames in the process.  Superior design and technology lies behind every UPVC window and door system.

Crafted using modern manufacturing techniques within an ISO monitored operation, we ensure our customers' windows are made efficiently and with quality at the forefront of the process. To this end our customers are able to enjoy our windows which fully guarantee maximum efficiency and performance for your investment.

Trust our Experience

Rococo have been operating in the market for the last 18 years, during which time we have tried and installed a vast array of UPVC windows from a range of manufacturers across the country. Through our vast experience and a commitment to continued development, we are confident in supplying what we consider to be the best UPVC window on the market in terms of value, performance and delivery.

As a re-seller we have the opportunity to choose the best manufacturers in the market who we can trust and depend on. Over the last 5 years we have formed a strong relationship with our chosen manufacturer so we can provide you with the service and experience that not only you expect, but that we promise to deliver.

What our customers say...

I have nothing but praise for David, Steven, Pat and Gordon, especially Pat and Gordon who worked in appealing weather. Always considerate, tidy, methodical and a good team. Also to Kim, a thank you for always keeping me informed re dates, times etc.

Save Money

­By installing new energy efficient windows you will be able to protect your family against the rise in energy costs and help cut monthly bills.

Increase the warmth of your home

New windows will help maintain the heat within your home, creating a warmer environment for you and your family whilst eliminating drafts.


New windows comply with the latest British security standard guidelines, creating a safer and more secure home.

Feel and look great

Give your home a makeover - rid yourself of discoloured, blown units and internal grime.

Optional configurations

Run through horns: Our UPVC windows are able to reflect the traditional features of vertical sliding sash windows

Dummy Sashes: Create equal site lines and deliver a balanced and desirable affect

Tilt and Turn casements: Increase the ease of cleaning as they open inwards.

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