Charity Golf Event!

Last Wednesday (27th April) the Rococo team put their golfing skills to the test at Bramshaw Golf Club to raise money for the Rose Road Association charity. A wonderful day out with a fantastic motive of giving back to the local community and helping those less fortunate than others. The event included an 18-hole competition on The Manor Course, as well as other golfing challenges, a meal and a raffle. Representing Rococo was Bob Burrows and David Getzig, they had a helping hand from client Bryn Derbyshire and Shading Places provider Ted Urpens. The four took to the green in high spirits, even Captain Marc Daniels (Four Plumbing and Heating) put aside his hosting skills for the day to challenge his fellow contenders to a shot on the par 3rd, 11th.

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Although Rococo weren’t able to execute their golfing abilities to a hoped for standard, there were still many highlights, including an excellent birdy from Ted, a brilliant recovery shot from Bryn and not to mention the whopping £6,000 that was raised for a fantastic cause.

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The charity in question, Rose Road Association, has been working with children, young people and their families from across Hampshire and the surrounding counties since 1952. The children who attend RRA have multiple and complex health needs, and for over 60 years the association have embraced and valued these individuals, and furthermore celebrated their achievements and choices made in the charity.

It costs just over £5,000 per day to keep Rose Road running, and Rococo are proud to have played a part in pulling £14,000 together. The golf day showed the togetherness a community can have, and apart from Rococo’s golfing skills, it was a huge success!

For more information on the Red Rose Association, please visit:
If you’d like to fundraise for the charity, or donate directly – visit here